About Me

Urmish leads the NLP Team at SambaNova Systems. The NLP team at SambaNova focuses on understanding how to train and evaluate HHH aligned large language models, adapting LLMs to enterprise use-cases and HW-SW co-design of LLMs to enable efficient training and inference. Before SambaNova, he was in various engineering and research roles at Arm, AMD and Texas Instruments. He also helped drive the TinyML Performance Working Group in MLPerf, contributing to the development of key benchmarks for IoT ML. Urmish has 35+ publications and patents focussing on efficient deep learning and LLMs. His papers have been published at top ML and HW conferences like NeurIPS, ICLR and ISCA and has been an invited speaker at various top universities and industry academia summits. He completed his masters at the University of Wisconsin Madison and his bachelors from Birla Institute of Technology and Science.